We're a cut above the rest!

My mission is to provide our customers not only with a great haircut, razor head shave, old school straight razor face shave, mustache or beard trim but to also provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can truly be yourself, a man!

On any given day at any given time we will have customers ranging from ages 3 - 93.

Police Officers, Carpenters, Cooks, Mechanics, Doctors, Lawyers, Students, Athletes, Painters, Truck Drivers, Fishermen, Veterans, Accountants, Sales Reps, Factory Workers or Construction Workers, it doesn't matter, everyone is welcome here at our Rochester location. Consider it a guys club and you are already a life time member.

The talk and entertainment is always free. Relax, shoot some pool, leave looking and feeling better.

To all our current customers thank you very much. To those thinking about giving us a try I promise you won't regret it.

Be sure to ask for our 10 cut free card.

"Shoot Straight and Be Safe"

Rick Sullivan, Owner
Loaded Dice Boston Barbers




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